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Are you a busy mom who has become lost in the shadows of your family and wants to change the way you look and feel about yourself?

This is not just another diet or workout fad that you start and quit.  

This is a hands-on, interactive program that will help you transform into a whole new badass mama. 


Join Jaime for the Mom Crisis Survival Kit.  

Think of this as your navigation system to re-discover you.

Ask yourself these questions:

☑️ Are you happy with your body?

☑️ Are you comfortable in your own skin?

☑️ Is your inner mean girl taking over inside your head? 

☑️ Are you a woman who has struggled with your weight and tried many different diets that just don't stick?

☑️ Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, or just don't want to follow a too restrictive, overly-complicated plan? 

☑️ Do you struggle with sticking to a workout?  Or finding the time to fit it in?

☑️ Do you feel like you have zero confidence?

☑️ Are you a zombie mom with no energy to get through the day? 

Spread over 6 weeks, this easy-to-follow course will teach you how to embark on a life-changing journey in manageable bite-size pieces. 

Each week includes a mindset topic, workouts that your body craves, and finding foods that your body loves. 

Want to find ways to change your answers?

It's time to re-write your story.

Tell me everything...

I talk with busy moms every day who tell me they are feeling tired, frustrated, feeling bloated and overweight, cannot seem to stop the kitchen pantry raids, or find the motivation to stick with a workout. 


They want to eat all the veggies (and not leftover chicken nuggets from the kid's plate). 

They want to work out but they do not have the time to spend hours in the gym. 

They want to prioritize themselves but lack the mental energy to even think about how to go about this. 

And they so want to have just a little energy at the end of the day.

This course is the ultimate solution to seeing a positive transformation in your body and mind, increasing energy levels, finding your badass confidence, and overall feeling like a new mama in 6 weeks. 

The Mom Crisis Survival Kit is open for early enrollment until May 28th

This course has a limited number of who can join. 

Who It's For:

  • You feel lost in the everyday shuffle of family responsibilities

  • You want to find a workout that doesn't suck

  • You want a meal plan and not a diet

  • You need someone to tell you what to do and plan it out

  • You need accountability from a group and a coach

  • You want to build strength and feel better in your own body

  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix

  • Someone who has a strict weight loss goal

  • Avid gym-goers

How Does It Work: 

  • This program is delivered online and can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, or device. 

  • Each week, we will have a zoom call to kick off the week to discuss our mindset topic, upcoming workouts, and how to prepare for meals. 

  • Workouts are customizable to fit the time YOU have for working out and can be completed at home or the gym.

  • You will have access to a closed support community where you can check in with me (and the group) every day and receive support from other moms on the same journey as you.  

Who it's NOT for:


What do I need?

  • Open Mind.  We are not going woo woo but there are going to be items that test you a bit.

  • Wi-fi or reception on your phone

  • Ability to join a zoom call (video is optional)

  • Exercise equipment:  Dumbbells, and a comfortable spot on the floor/mat 


  • Zoom calls are scheduled each Sunday at 8p EST and will be recorded for re-plays

  • The program runs May 28 - July 4

  • For the entire 6 weeks, the discounted price is $49

  • This program has an extremely limited amount of participants who can join.  

Have questions?  Send me an email (


Hi, I'm Jaime

My very first lady to work with was myself.  Through many wins and "that didn't work", I have found ways to make life just a little easier as a busy mom.  This includes finding some inner peace, food that fuels my body well, workouts that leave me wanting more, and energy for the complete day.

I am the founder of the Badass Mama Gang. 

My exercise philosophy is to find safe time-efficient workouts that don't suck and this includes both cardio and strength training workouts.  I have also found that willpower alone does not get you to the workout and having a change in mindset is what sets us up for success. 

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